About us

EPR Software Joint Stock Company (abbreviated as “EPR” or “EPR Software Jsc”) has been approved by the chairman of Hanoi City and the Department of Planning and Investment officially licensed to operate from August 30, 2012. Operating mainly in the field of manufacturing, trading, consulting, and training on software, internet software services and information technology services in general.

With the motto of putting the interests of customers first, helping customers improve the quality of management, business efficiency, optimal values ​​for organizations and businesses. We are constantly researching, developing, and providing Software products, solutions based on IT in general. In addition to constantly attracting talents, constantly upgrading the qualifications of employees with enough criteria both Tam, Tam and Tai to provide and meet the increasing needs of the market.

With the slogan “Creating trust – Sharing success” EPR always strives to bring customers satisfaction, time and value when using products and services from EPR.

What can EPR provide?

1. Higher Education Management and Training Software ecosystem– EPR Edu – a comprehensive solution package supporting digital transformation in Vietnam Universities and Colleges, which consists of:

  •  Digital Learning Management Software (Student Management, Exam Management, Personnel Management, Teachers, Tuition Management, Finance, Teaching Assistant Management, Timetable, Online Training System, online exam)
  • School Resource Management Software (Documents and Archives Management System, Asset Management System, Online Meeting Software System, Online Payment System, Electronic Library System, Digital Data Warehouse) , Electronic invoice system, digital signature, Digital office system: chat, call, planning, office, file transfer, Identity management system)
  • Integrated interactive portaland additional applications such as Digital Interactive Online Training, Wifi marketing

2. Services of software outsourcing on Web and Mobile for Education, Telecommunication, Financial Banking and Enterprises. Based on technology platforms:

  • Java: Spring, JSF, Struts, Hibernate, and other Java technology platforms.
  • Mobile: Android, IOS (React Native, Native, Xamarin, Flutter).
  • Other software languages: PHP, JS, Node.JS, ASP.Net MVC.
  • Blockchain, BigData, image processing, IPTV solutions and related applications.

Typical Outsourcing software products such as:

    • Develop 53 software solutions & systems for 12 ministries and 20 departments in the chain of software products serving Smart City.
    • Building a car hailing, car rental, carpooling system on the Mobile technology platform. Has a similar service as Grab, Bee.
    • Building software systems for domestic and foreign telecommunications and banking sector.

3. Typical packing software products at EPR:

  • Viet Transport: Technological vehicle platform: Car call, Car hire, Car Pool.
  • E-Transport: IoT solution for passenger transport.
  • ERP: Overall business management software system.
  • E-HRM: Human resource and salary management software solution.
  • E-CRM: Customer relationship management and business management software.
  • E-Training: Internal training software system on mobile for businesses.

4. Building and Designing e-commerce systems: e-portal, e-commerce website and enterprise website.

Authorize distribution of Viettel software products: electronic invoices, digital signatures, smartmotor, vTracking, DMS.

Over 9 years of construction and growth, EPR Software Company has tried to make positive contributions to the overall development of society. Since its inception, EPR has always maintained the growth rate and endeavored to bring the community of software products and services of high quality and value.

EPR takes “Human” as the center to achieve development goals. Get “Quality” to commit to customers, get “Prestige” for sustainable cooperation.

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