About us


With the desire to pioneer in investment strategy, providing solutions, products, services and sustainable development in the field of information technology, the leading software technology company in the field of information technology of Vietnam (EPR) will strive to develop in the direction of research, processing and testing to provide high quality value products to meet social needs, contributing to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese and empower the Vietnamese in the international market.


As a young technology company, rapidly evolving, constantly improving its capacity and stature to play a key role in the transformation of Vietnam’s digital economy. EPR provides a digital government building solution as well as a digital economy and is a service and solution provider for transforming business organizations into digital organizations and digital businesses. With its ambitions and aspirations, EPR will aim to be a pioneer on the road to exploring IT territory.

We carry on our mission as well as the responsibility to provide smart solutions, products, services and products for society in all fields such as telecommunications, financial banking, and businesses. on the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country in the context of world economic integration & the trend of digital transformation 4.0.



At our company, teamwork makes the success of each activity. We respect individuals, innovate and promote teammates to create the highest working efficiency. Team spirit is built from daily work.


Honesty and trust are fundamental to building trust and credibility with our teammates, partners and customers. We absolutely adhere to the standards of professional ethics, reflected in every action of every officer and employee.


Youth and creativity allow us to constantly improve ourselves and maintain, promote good relationships with all customers, creative ideas help us always refresh ourselves and solve work more effectively.


At our company application of the most professional management system. Besides, we believe that each individual is an integral part of the professional apparatus. With us the excellence and professionalism of each individual makes the success of a strong team.


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