About us

Trust is an essential element in establishing working and business relationships. Trust helps everyone at EPR to coordinate effectively, voluntarily, responsibly, and maintain the spirituality in every thought action, contributing to a unified whole. And when CREATING TRUST, we have SHARED SUCCESS.

Self-respect and mutual respect

Each individual needs to be respected and worthy of the respect of everyone, regardless of their position in the organization. This is a value honored and preserved by all members of the Company.
Commitment (to keep the promise)

Each member must regularly make commitments and strive to fulfill those commitments. In addition, our actions are a commitment to the success of EPR in general and of each member in particular.


Each member is responsible for completing his or her job as entrusted or committed. In return, each member will be able to use the resources, tools and participate in the training needed to be successful at work.

Business goals are best achieved when everyone works together. As members, our actions should foster a collaborative environment.
Integrity and Ethics

Members of EPR must maintain integrity and ethics in all actions, at work, when directly or indirectly representing EPR.
Communicate openly and honestly

Information and ideas are critical to the success of every business. We keep a working atmosphere where our members can feel comfortable contributing constructive ideas. As a member, we always support an open and frank communication environment.

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