If you think the implementation of the Mobile App or management system is only for big brands such as insurance companies, financial services, banks, supermarkets, … you are wrong.


The fact has proved that App applications in the transport industry are extremely suitable and convenient and two typical names, Uber and Grap, have shown that. However, in the early part of 2018, Uber had to stop, after its entire business in Southeast Asia was acquired by Grab. The idea that Grab will monopolize the ride-hailing market, but no, Uber’s departure has opened the way for many other applications, such as: FastGo, Go-Viet, Be, Mygo, Vato, Aber, …

More and more transport units are applying technology trends in their business models, even considering them as the core values ​​of their business models. They understand that it is a strategy that needs to be developed, needs to be invested more seriously than a friendly website with mobile devices.


You are a transportation business and have a vehicle system, this article is for you. Here are 9 reasons transportation businesses need to build an app now.

  1. Your brand is always present to customers 24/7

MMA has given the population of Vietnam 90 million but there are more than 128 million mobile subscribers, 40 million Internet users, 28 million social networking accounts – mainly Facebook (according to data from We Are Social, The company is based in the UK). Of those 28 million Facebook users, 24 million surf the social network with their mobile phones. Every day, market researchers measure the average person using a phone for different purposes about 150 times, each spaced 6.5 minutes apart.

A report from WeAreSocial as of March 2015 said that up to 45% of the country’s population uses the Internet, or 41 million people. Of those 41 million people, 30 million use social networks and the number of people using these networks on mobile is 26 million. Statistics show that it takes us more than 5 hours a day to go online for computer users and nearly 3 hours for phone users. Most of this time is spent on social networks. The average total time a Vietnamese has access to social networks in a day is 2 hours.

With the above statistics, showing the presence in customers’ phones via mobile app (Application Running on Smartphone) is a way for you to remind your presence when they pull back and forth. Unconsciously, to find the mobile apps that they use every day. The question is, how much do you have to spend on marketing just to make customers know your brand?

With a lot of rain, you will always be there when customers need, then the customers have unconsciously saved your brand name a little bit in their minds every day and it gradually becomes familiar, even they themselves are not. realize

  1. Create a direct Marketing channel

Each application will be built with many functions: the main information, price, order, search, customer management, communication, …

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you want to convey to your customers is always present and right on their phones, which means that you own them. Short click lines to reach your target customers. This is done through “notifications” (notifications on the application) just to remind and remind customers about your product / service and you also control the time and content for those notifications. .

  1. Create benefits for customers

With transportation customers, the number of customers is extremely large and customers are also extremely numerous, but every time you have an event or a new promotion for member customers and coal users, how many people? Do they get information?

A practical application for the transport unit to recognize as follows: instead of using the points card as before, we will replace the points program through your mobile app. What is the result? The more downloads and use, the more and more customers come back to you, and customers always want to receive hot information in a snap.

  1. Increase brand value and brand awareness

With brand: Mobile app is like a big billboard. You can give everything your brand wants to position to customers to enhance and affirm the value of your brand.

With awareness: The more you attract more customers using the mobile app, the more likely they will use your service.

  1. Increase access to customers

Let your app go with your customers in daily life and always keep in mind that customers are always on the show. Having a messaging function right in your application will make you a huge difference in communication with customers.

  1. Stand out from the competition

Currently, building mobile apps for professional transportation enterprises is still not popular, or if so, those applications still have many errors that prevent the operation as expected. Be the first to speed up and take the lead against your opponent. Customers will be surprised and delighted with the innovative approach and thinking of your business.

  1. Nurturing long loyalty of customers

We gradually lose the influence and impact of our brand on our customers as they begin to form the habit of ignoring advertising when every day is surrounded by messages and advertisements. From street advertising signs, newspaper ads, website ads, banners, to Facebook, email, …

This is the time for us to return to our sincere approach and create a true connection with our customers, making them loyal to our service. And the Mobile App is the best route right now to be closer to customers and always present right next to them wherever they are.

  1. Finished products, having been experienced in reality and can be applied immediately to many transport models.


 The difficulty for transport companies in the market to own a mobile app is building and operating. Not to mention the time spent creating ideas, building, demo, testing, operating, fixing bugs, … transportation enterprises have to spend enormous expenses on time, people and money but not business. Any enterprise has enough potential to build such a system. Especially the products are technology, need to be fast, right time, if built quickly, it also takes 6 months -1 years to complete whether at that time where we are on the market ???

So why not take advantage of an already available, complete, operational and ready-to-use mobile app platform for your transportation system – Viet Transport Trading Platform – all you need from A mobile app is here.

  1. EPR – Unit building strategy for transport application Mobile App.

Over 8 years of construction and growth, EPR Software Company has tried to make positive contributions to the overall development of society. Since its inception, EPR has always maintained the growth rate and endeavored to bring the community of software products and services of high quality and value.
With the motto: “Creating trust – Sharing success” is the guideline for all activities of EPR. Get “Quality” to commit to customers, get “reputation” for sustainable cooperation. Not only that, but not all units are able to take part in major projects such as Government Guest House, Videoconferencing Project, Smart City, etc. But EPR is trusted, tasked and participate in successfully completing those projects.

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