EPR Edu Education Management and Training Software ecosystem

EPR Edu Education Management and Training Software ecosystem was born after nearly 10 years of operation and development in the software field of EPR Software. With the desire to provide the most complete, effective, and practical solution package to Vietnamese Universities and Colleges with optimal implementation costs in the shortest time.

Ecosystem is originally a concept in Biology, to refer to a system of populations of organisms living together and developing in a certain environment, populations of organisms living together in that environment will interact with each other and with the environment in which they live.

This concept was then gradually expanded in many fields such as business, technology, education, etc. to refer to the vastness, coverage and close systematicity between components, activities, and products, services in these areas. EPR EDU software ecosystem is designed with 3 main feature blocks: Digital Learning & Training Software Block, School Resource Management Software Block, Integrated Link Portal.

EPR EDU provides a full range of online platform solutions, management platforms and daily business operations of the school. In addition to the products that are regularly contributed and upgraded, there are customized and tailored service packages according to individual needs, specifically according to the teaching, management and information linkage model of each school.

The main modules in the Ecosystem include:

1.  Digital Learning Management Software (Student Management, Exam Management, Personnel Management, Teachers, Tuition Management, Finance, Teaching Assistant Management, Timetable, Online Training System, online exam)

2.  School Resource Management Software (Documents and Archives Management System, Asset Management System, Online Meeting Software System, Online Payment System, Electronic Library System, Digital Data Warehouse) , Electronic invoice system, digital signature, Digital office system: chat, call, planning, office, file transfer, Identity management system)

3.  Integrated interactive portal And additional applications such as Digital Interactive Online Training, Wifi marketing


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Details of the Solution Package please see the link: https://youtu.be/1II40ERL9-U


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