EPR Software independently builds the Viet Transport Passenger Transport Platform application to provide the Logistic market.

From October 2018 up to now, based on the experience gained in developing Viet Transport Viettel, it is the responsibility of Viet Transport Viettel to upgrade the application for the solution with its own Passenger Transport Trading Platform application. called Viet Transport.

Viet Transport  is a perfect upgrade version from the transport platform solution that Viettel Telecom has operated since 2017.   dang-nhap-viet-transport

The Application has 4 main features: 

1. Call the car right away: With just one click, the customer can call the car to pick up.

2. Call the car to go immediately with 2 stops: This feature guests can choose the starting point, choose a destination with up to 2 touches.

3. Booking cars with contract: self-driving cars and driver’s cars. Customers choose a date and time to go, as early as 1 day after booking, can make an appointment to pick up guests at many points and go to the same end point.

4. Car sharing / Cheap car reservations: Maximize the cost of riding by allowing you to travel by car or use an empty car.

The application is available for free download on iOS and Android for

Customers: See instructions for installing Viet Transport for customers here.

Driver: See instructions for installing Viet Transport for drivers here.

Carrier: See instructions for installing Viet Transport for carriers here.

When the app is put into application, Viet Transport is not only an intermediary, providing car finders and coaches, but also provides technology management solutions for transport businesses. Each unit participating in the system will be granted a separate account to enter, they can manage the car, driver, know the vehicle registration, registration date, driver’s license expiry date , what is the turnover by day, month, year …

EPR offers Viet Transport solution with the goal of providing a comprehensive transport solution. In the current market, it is really hard to find an application with various functions like Viet Transport. Customers only need to download a single application and can participate in a lot of freight items, depending on demand. For drivers, the application is a perfect upgrade, giving drivers many career opportunities, increasing labor productivity on roads, without limiting the urban-rural scope. As for the carrier, if taking advantage of the opportunity to own this “super application” and develop it into an “Ecosystem” that not every unit can own.



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