Offshore software engagement models

Offshore software engagement models

OSDC Classic
This engagement model is the most common and it includes the provision of a fully dedicated team which is headed by a project manager. Team members are selected in such a way that the overall team will have the required set of skills needed to address both the technical and business needs of your business and ensure that you get value for your offshore development investment. The development team will work closely with you to ensure that it designs and deliver the product in line with your design and business needs. Working with such a team is beneficial because it means that you can access them at any time and request for adjustments to be made to the software and also seek the team’s help in resolving any technical issues encountered during the development of the software.

OSDC Branded
This engagement model is ideal for the business which wants to establish and control its own development organization. There are offshore software development centers that can help with creating this structure in an efficient manner and ensure that you are shielded from operational risks. Thing of this engagement in this way, the OSDC offers a branded presence for your business and ensures that you are located in a prestigious address in the country of the OSDC’s operation. The OSDC will take care of all operational issues which will include taking care of infrastructure, addressing legal and regulatory requirements as well as dealing with human resource issues.

OSDC Trust
This engagement model is designed to address the needs of clients who require highest levels of security or confidentiality in their offshore software outsourcing undertakings. This model is ideal for those having sensitive projects that need to be developed in top secret facilities. If you have a proprietary software that you need to have developed, then maybe you should consider choosing the OSDC trust model. Most OSDCs offering this model of engagements often ensure that the team assigned to a customer who has chosen this model work exclusively for the customer and work from a confidential location away from the offshore software development center. The team working under this model are contractually forbidden from exposing the details of the project to any member who is not part of the development team.

As a rule of thumb, you are highly advised to choose the engagement model that fits your project specification and budget. As would be expected, OSDC classic is the most common and also the most affordable of the three offshore software models followed by OSDC branded and finally the OSDC trust.


Benefits when cooperating with us

  • Headache free offshore software development center establishment and ongoing management.
  • Full life-cycle offshore recruitment
  • Hiring support to recruit the right resources to the exact needs
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Continuous throughput of about 20 hours of operations per day.
  • Willing to work overtime to meet the deadline
  • Complete control over the operations using offshore software dedicated resources.
  • Low employee attrition
  • Availability of resources that is hard to find locally.
  • Zero overhead costs except a fixed, predictable management fee.
  • Total transparency in operations even up to employee compensations
  • Balance between company profit and customer benefit


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