1. Passenger transport market is a “huge piece of cake” and value <details>.

Although the field of calling new technology vehicles has been formed in Vietnam in the past 5 years, playing in this market has never been easy. The start of the tech ride market is the arrival of two big players: Uber and Grab.

In a big turning point, early in 2018, Uber had to stop, after its entire business in Southeast Asia was acquired by Grab. The idea that Grab will monopolize the ride-hailing market, but no, Uber’s departure has opened the way for many other applications, such as: FastGo, Go-Viet, Be, Mygo, Vato, Aber, …

The passenger transport market is a huge and valuable “piece of cake”.

But the exploitation of this market is not always possible, but only stopped at a very small angle.

Will Vietnamese businesses seize this opportunity ???


  1. 9 reasons transportation businesses need to build app apps now.

The fact has proved that App applications in the transport industry are extremely suitable and convenient and two typical names, Uber and Grap, have shown that. More and more transport units are applying technology trends in their business models, even considering them as the core values ​​of their business models. They understand that it is a strategy that needs to be developed, needs to be invested more seriously than a friendly website with mobile devices.

Here are 9 reasons transportation businesses need to build an app now.


  1. Viet Transport – Transport trading floor

Viet Transport is not only an intermediary, providing car finder service, but also provides technology management solutions for transport business units. Each unit participating in the system will be granted a separate account to enter, they can manage the car, driver, know the vehicle registration, registration date, driver’s license expiry date , what is the turnover by day, month, year …


The application has 4 major major features:

  1. Call the car nowWith just one click, guests can call their car to pick them up.
  2. Book now to 1 station or 2 stationsThis feature guests can choose the starting point, select destinations with up to 2 stations.
  3. Contract vehicle booking: self-driving and self-driving cars. Customers choose a date and time to go, as early as 1 day after booking, can make an appointment to pick up guests at many points and go to the same end point.
  4. Cheap car reservations. Lets maximize the ride benefit by either riding with or taking advantage of the empty car.

By integrating many features Viet Transport brings a completely different experience – A rich transport ecosystem for transport needs. Customers only need to download a single app for all their travel needs on an app from instant car hire, touch booking, contract car hire, cheap car booking, carpooling, etc. Viet Transport fully integrated, the system will return information in accordance with customer needs.

  1. Complete App – Can be used always

The difficulty for transport companies in the market to own a mobile app is building and operating. Not to mention the time spent creating ideas, building, demo, testing, operating, fixing bugs, … transportation enterprises have to spend enormous expenses on time, people and money but not business. Any enterprise has enough potential to build such a system. Especially the products are technology, need to be fast, at the right time, if built quickly, it also takes 6 months -1 years to complete, is that then where are we on the market ???

So why not take advantage of an already available, complete, operational, and ready-to-use Mobile App platform for your transportation system – Viet Transport Transport Trading Platform – all you need from A Mobile App is here.

5. Maps – Viet Transport – Exactly every corner


For drivers, locating customers is a very important factor. But, now, the App is operating, this is becoming a huge problem for App developers. Many drivers of some brands complain about the booking of a place, but take the flight somewhere else, making it difficult for both the customer and the driver to take the trip. Customers wait long and have to call or text directions to drivers, drivers can not avoid the “birds flying” route due to navigation errors of Maps, both time-consuming and fuel-consuming.

What about Viet Transport?

Viet Transport maps application of Google Maps, giving users the absolute accurate experience. No more customers looking for cars and cars. Instead, customers can locate exactly where they are, track how the driver is moving, and the driver is suggested the shortest route and take customers to the fastest position. It can be said that this is one of the great experiences that Viet Transport brings to users.

  1. Viet Transport – Not just call the car but more

With the vision to build Viet Transport into a transport ecosystem, Viet Transport not only stops at the functions of serving customers as passengers, but the system can completely upgrade and improve functions. Another function is to meet market demand.

After owning the Viet Transport system, business owners and investors can completely bring Viet Transport to a new level according to their ideals and market needs. The technical team of EPR is always ready to accompany businesses and investors to make the product “ideal” on the market.

Take the example of Grap that has succeeded in expanding its ecosystem. With a motorbike, a soft container, in front, a Grab driver can now participate in a range of services, from ride-hailing (GrabBike), delivery (GrabExpress) or buying food. (GrabFood). The advantage of these applications is that the number of customers available with the habit of using the ride-hailing service (which is the initial service of the application) and the available means of drivers, almost no need for retrofit.

  1. EPR – Prestige – Quality

Over 8 years of construction and growth, EPR Software Company has tried to make positive contributions to the overall development of society. Since its inception, EPR has always maintained the growth rate and endeavored to bring the community of software products and services of high quality and value. Especially the projects that EPR has joined and completed.
With the motto: “Creating trust – Sharing success” is the guideline for all activities of EPR. Get “Quality” to commit to customers, get “reputation” for sustainable cooperation. Not only that, but not all units are able to take part in major projects such as Government Guest House, Videoconferencing Project, Smart City, etc. But EPR is trusted, tasked and participate in successfully completing those projects.

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